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Steve Grasha


- Post election update -

One wonders that if the voters knew these things, would they have voted for Steve Grasha? 


The Desert Sun Newspaper (finally - after the election) exposed Grasha.  He duped the voters by slick lies and slander. (You can also find the transcript of the article here.)


It also made it to our local NBC TV station.



Here I confront him at his first board meeting for his libelous statements about me. 


(click here to watch) 




Local Historian Ron Gilbert captured the what other attendees (5) said at that first board meeting of Grasha's.  You can read what they said here.



Here I confront Steve about his false claim that he is a "Technical Water Systems Engineer."

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He called himself a "Technical Water Systems Engineer." This was the first line of his Candidate Statement that the voters got. He calls himself something that he is not - an Engineer.




Here I confront Steve on his claim to being the "Chairman of The Riverside County Leadership Forum."

(Click here to watch)

I reference a Facebook post that Steve put on my Jeff Bowman Former Director for MSWD page.  It was so outrageous and libelous to both me, the City of Desert Hot Springs, and our amazing Police Department. Here it is.





Here I confront Steve on his bogus claim of "Promise Fulfilled" of helping the community.

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Here I present to Steve a few highlights from the post election article by the Desert Sun.

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On 10/21/2019 I addressed Steve Grasha at the Mission Springs Water District Board Meeting. I sued him in court for lying about me and the court ruled in my favor. I came to the board meeting to let the other Directors, Staff and Public know about the lawsuit AND to let him know that I'm suing him again for his continued libelous statements. At the start of this video he interrupts my public comments and plays an audio file from 6 years ago where I tell people at a nudist gathering that a nudist (which I am) can run for public office and win. We have nothing to hide! His interruption of my public comments is just another example of his erratic and volatile behavior. He even challenges the Board President who sought to silence him BECAUSE in public comments, anyone of the public can speak, on any topic and NOT be interrupted by the board.

(Click here to watch) 




On 1/21/2020 I confronted Steve Grasha with the fact that he has not paid me the damages awarded by the Judge on 12/13/2019 for his lies about me during the 2018 election campaign. He again interrupts me during my comments. Again demonstrating his lack of professionalism.

(Click here to watch)  



Steve Grasha, director for Mission Springs Water District, sought to have the ratepayers pay for his defense on a lawsuit brought against him for his lies. This is was a completely illegal request to have our public funds paid for his PERSONAL defense. I sought to bring this out to the board and to reveal the kind of person he is. He wanted to use the public's money for personal benefit.

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More background information:

I did not know Steve until he applied for the seat on the MSWD board vacated by the passing of John Furbee (RIP). While I had not ever met him, I discovered that the internet provides us with who he is. I share my results with you in the links below.


Steve Grasha is NOT a long time resident living in the MSWD district, in spite of what he says.  He ran for the CVWD Board of Directors in 2014 when he lived in the B-bar-H area outside of the city limits of DHS AND outside the boundaries of MSWD.


A Google search on him reveals that he has run for many political offices and has not ever won until his lying campaign of 2018. Grasha was charged in 1986 with four counts of perjury and one count of filing false statements on Candidating paperwork. He was jailed for contempt of court and pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of filing that false statement.


His 2018 candidate statement was full of credentials and accomplishments that CANNOT be substantiated with any internet search.


He has numerous Facebook profiles - 2 Steve Grasha, Steve Davis, and Steve Gee.  On Facebook he had a rant as to why he was not going to attend the Desert Sun Editorial Interview.  Also on Facebook he has said some incredibly slanderous and outrageous things.


In 2013 he was videoed by a neighbor swearing and even threatening the neighbor.  In fact over 45 videos involving Steve Grasha harassing that neighbor.  It was so bad the neighbor had to move.  Grasha's dogs were cited by Riverside County Animal Control as a nuisance.


He likes to use Twitter to promote divisiveness.  Someone even captured his offensive tweets.


One wonders that if the voters knew these things, would they have voted for Steve Grasha?