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MSWD Float in the DHS Holiday Parade 2012 - Jeff Bowman, Russ Martin, Arden Wallum, the late John Furbee (RIP), Nancy Wright

Mission Springs Water District

MSWD is owned by US (me and you) the rate payers and is governed by a 5 member board of people who LIVE in the district. MSWD is proactive partner with the City of Desert Hot Springs as can be seen by the civic involvement of our directors and staff.


Mission Springs Water District started life in 1953 as the Desert Hot Springs County Water District.  It then had 100,000 feet of pipelines, five water wells and two reservoirs. It covered one square mile.  Now we have more than 1,250,000 million feet of pipelines, 14 water wells and serve an area of 135 square miles.


MSWD is a California Special District. Simply put, special districts are the best examples of small-town democracy.  Inadequate revenue bases and competing demands for existing taxes make it hard for counties and cities to provide all of the services that their constituents want. When residents or landowners want new services or higher levels of existing services, they can form a district to pay for them. Fire districts, irrigation districts, cemetery districts, and mosquito abatement districts exist today because taxpayers were willing to pay for public services they wanted. Special districts localize the costs and benefits of public services. Special districts let local residents get the services they want at prices they’re willing to pay.  Special districts allow residents to have local control over their services by electing residents to serve on the Board of Directors.


MSWD therefore is owned by the ratepayers serviced by the district.  The oversight of MSWD is provided by its elected 5 member board.  The board hires the General Manager who then runs the district.


MSWD belongs to YOU the ratepayer!  You want Directors who LIVE here, have business here, pay the same rates as you, and who have TIME proven commitment to your town and community.


If you want to learn more about California Special Districts please see: https://www.csda.net/dmtd/about.