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Jeff Bowman
Former Director, Mission Springs Water District

About Jeff

Jeff Bowman and wife Judy


"I am a fiscal conservative, I care about every dollar!

I am NOT a career politician.

I LOVE my community.

I care about OUR water: its affordability and protection!"


Prior to moving to Desert Hot Springs in 2003, Jeff had a varied career with several common threads – people, technology, and customer focus.

He spent 15 years in the computer field with senior positions at Toshiba America Computer Systems Division. First he was the Director of Product Support-marketing which was responsible for nationwide customer support. His department received over 66,000 customer contacts per month and had a fiscal responsibility for $4,600,000+ annual budget. He then held the title of Senior Group Manager in Toshiba America’s Engineering Division. He oversaw three major division departments: Computer network (IT) support and development; Accessories design and manufacture; and 3rd Party vendor relations.

Jeff also has a Masters Degree in Theology and has served a combined 17 years as Senior Pastor in 4 non-denominational community churches.

Jeff and his wife Judy became interested in massage following Judy's battle with breast cancer in 1992, resulting in becoming Licensed Massage Therapists.


In 2003 Jeff and Judy decided to create Living Waters Spa – A European Style Clothing Optional Spa in Desert Hot Springs. They purchased a run-down “spa-tel” named Kismet Lodge and poured their resources and people skills into developing. Living Waters Spa is a day and stay spa where people can get in touch with life like they do at the spas in Europe.  It's been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Ellen Degeneres / AOL.com and others. Their Spa was listed as one of the Top 25 Small Hotels in the US according to TripAdvisor.com for 4 years in a row and has garnered both national and international acclaim. They retired from the spa in 2019.


Since moving to Desert Hot Springs in 2003 Jeff has given 1,000s of volunteer hours to his community:



Current President of Desert Hot Springs Microloan Board


Former Director for Mission Springs Water District (9 yrs)


Former Commissioner and Chair of the DHS Public Safety Commission (11 yrs)


Former President of the DHS Hotelier Association


Vice President of Cabot's Museum Foundation


Member and past President DHS Historical Society


Representing DHS as a former Commissioner on the PS Airport Commission (4 yrs)


Representing DHS tourism as a former member of the Business Council for the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau (5 yrs).



Here is my presentation at the Desert Hot Springs Neighborhood Group Breakfast 3rd Anniversary 2017.  I highlighted my civic involvement and the positive impact this Facebook group has.


Here are my educational presentations regarding our water and spas.  I know the water and history of Desert Hot Springs!


The Hidden Waters of Desert Hot Springs: Tunnels, Aquifers, and the Birth of a City


The Spas of Desert Hot Springs: The Inside Story