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Our name "Desert HOT Springs" says it all.  Our location in the Coachella Valley is known for its hot and cold water aquifers.  What would happen if this amazing water were contaminated by septic tanks and we lose our namesake?



Tourists provide the City with almost $2,000,000 in "bed tax" per year.  This goes right to the general fund!



Tourists provide the local businesses with at least $2,000,000 in additional sales (gas, food, restaurant, utilities, taxes, etc.). This number could even be 2x higher.



Tourists create jobs - the Hospitality Industry is the largest employer in the city.


There is no question that WATER is what has made our city.  WE MUST PROTECT IT by installing sewers.  During this term we've been able to increase the sewers service to 75% of our town!


Water: we drink it, soak in it, and live because of it!

Soak in it…

Have you ever relaxed into a hot bath? Maybe poured in some mineral salts for extra pleasure? Well, that’s a pale imitation of the “real thing.” For centuries, people throughout the world have “taken the waters” by soaking in hot mineral springs. The reason? Well, it feels really, really good. And it’s good for you too.

Ever heard of balneology? Maybe not. It’s the scientific study of the therapeutic benefits of natural mineral waters. And it’s especially advanced in Europe and Japan, where balneologists have studied the healthful effects of geothermally heated mineral waters for many years. Here are a few things they’ve discovered:

• Soaking increases your blood circulation and cell oxygenation.

                   (That’s the rejuvenating effect.)
• Soaking stimulates your metabolism.

                   (That’s the revitalizing effect.)
• Soaking helps to balance many of your body’s natural systems.

                   (That’s the rebalancing effect.)
• Soaking can reduce pain and increase mobility.

                   (That’s the feel-good effect.)

But you don’t have to take the scientists’ word for it. You can conduct your very own scientific study. Just visit one of the Spas in our town and slip into the water. It’s that easy.

Drink it…

Not only can you soak in our water, you can drink it too. That’s because we have underground cold water springs that are just as pure as our hot water springs. Think of it as hot and cold running water. Instead of turning a faucet, though, we pump the water directly out of the earth.

The cold water is just as pure as the hot water. And it’s delicious too. So delicious, in fact, that our municipal drinking water has won gold, silver, and bronze medals over the last few years in an annual international water competition (which made some towns in Europe pretty envious).

You can’t taste this water anywhere but here.

Enjoy it…

Hot or cold, our mineral water is unique. It has no smell, unlike lots of other mineral waters. It’s crystal clear too, never discolored like some other waters. And it has its own special “feel.” Some call it satiny. Some describe it as silky. Everybody calls it delightful.

The Geothermal Miracle

Why is the hot mineral water in Desert Hot Springs unlike the water anywhere else in the world? The secret is hidden deep in the earth. But it owes something to the sky too.

Here’s what happens. Rainwater and snowmelt descend from nearby Mt. San Gorgonio and seep through the desert sands deep into the ground. Some of that pristine water, naturally filtered by its trip through the sand, finds its way into cool water pools. Some of it flows much deeper below the earth’s surface, where it comes into contact with some very hot rocks. The heated water expands and rises through the rocks into geothermal pools.

All of the hot-water Spas of Desert Hot Springs pump their mineral waters directly from underground geothermal pools. The temperatures of the waters can vary from 100° Fahrenheit to more than 180° Fahrenheit. (Don’t worry, though. If it’s too hot, we just mix it with some of the cold mineral water until the temperature is just right.)

The Spa Experience

There’s something very special about soaking in our therapeutic mineral waters. Something we want you to experience.

We’ve got a lot more to offer too. Like massages (every kind you can think of). And body wraps (with clay and mud and seaweed and lots of other healthful stuff) And facials (with minerals and herbs and aromatherapy and more).

Whatever you’re looking for in your own spa experience, you can discover it in our town, California's Spa City.
There really is something special about the water!

Face it. It’s our water.
There’s nothing like it.

Nowhere else in the world can you find water like this. It’s perfect. And perfectly natural too. So pure you can drink it. So warm you can soak all day.

If you live in DHS, when was the last time you soaked in our pure hot mineral water?

- Soak in the rejuvenating waters..
- Bask in the warmth of the sun.
- Enjoy a massage or body treatment.

Retreat. Relax. Rejuvenate.

Check out: www.VisitDesertHotSprings.com for a list of our hotels that are members of our hotelier organization.  These hotels guarantee to their guests pure hot mineral water pumped from their own wells.