It's ALL about the WATER!    

Jeff Bowman

For Desert Water Agency Division 3

November 8, 2022




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Rebuttal to DG Cook / Russell Betts emails




I am not a career politician trying to find another stepping stone to further my career.



For 16 years I was an owner of a mineral-water resort with its own mineral-water well.  This along with my 9 years on the Mission Springs Water District board developed within me a passion for water. I understand its importance, uses and conservation. Water is my life and vital to this community.


For the past several decades Desert Hot Springs residents have been paying fees to the Desert Water Agency without any Desert Hot Springs residents being on the board. This election changes all that. So I ask the voters in Division 3 to elect me as I'm experienced in the history and governance of our water and ready to represent Division 3 and


I will represent ALL of us

north of the I-10.


Desert Water Agency Division 3 is the blue area on the map.  Here is a link to an interactive map that you can zoom into a particular area and determine what Division you live in.





I was honored to serve the people in the Mission Springs Water District from 2009-2018.  I know the water issues we are facing and the governance process.  When I am elected to the DWA board I can "hit the ground running!"


I'm endorsed by:


Desert Hot Springs Mayor Scott Matas

Mayor Pro Tem Gary Gardner

Councilwoman Jan Pye


DWA Board Member Paul Ortega


Endorsed by the Desert Sun - three times!


"Bowman has a strong record of public service.

And he has done his homework.

He's the kind of watchdog this board needs."

The Desert Sun - 10/1/09 


"The Desert Sun endorsed Bowman as a challenger four years ago.

We were impressed by how thoroughly he learned the issues as an outsider and by his pledge to be a watchdog for the public.

We believe he has fullfilled that promise...

Bowman should be re-elected."

The Desert Sun - 10/27/13


"Nancy Wright and Jeff Bowman, did appear before the board and made good showings...Bowman and Wright are ready to fight for MSWDs interests. They have our endorsements for the Nov. 6 election."

The Desert Sun 10/14/2018